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We help realtors and home owners prepare their home to sell and move them into their new home quickly and efficiently



Paige Carey

Owner & Organizer

Paige is passionate about helping families organize their home to help cultivate more peaceful everyday living. She specializes in decluttering their space and transforming their homes with her organizing systems.

A home with fewer possesions is:

more spacious, more calming, and

more focused on the people who live inside it

pantry-organizer-windsor-fort collins.JPG


“Paige Carey Organizing is like a breath of fresh air! Paige helped me turn a cluttered, chaotic, catch-all room into a calming creative space."

“Paige unpacked our kitchen and pantry after we moved. She measured areas and ordered storage solutions to help keep things neat and orderly. She is our organizational angel!”

"In the chaos of moving Paige created peace and rest by settling some key spaces. She organized "his" and "her" closets which are now functional and beautiful. Her thoughtful expertise guided us in what to keep and what to let go. Paige provided just the support we needed!"

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Servicing Northern Colorado

Including: Windsor, Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley

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